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I fell in love with weaving in my college weaving class with Winifred Shaw at the University of New Hampshire in 1969. Weaving was required for my degree in Occupational Therapy. Indeed, it was a wonderful therapeutic medium that I used with patients in the early years of my practice. But I knew as soon as I sat at a loom at UNH that weaving would be an important part of my personal life.

Win Shaw was one of that generation of weavers that was fascinated with weave structure, fine threads, and creating pattern in cloth. Although the late 1960s were a time of lumpy-bumpy yarns, lots of texture, and fringe, I caught that structure bug from Ms. Shaw. As soon as I graduated and got a job, I bought my first loom. I continued weaving on my own, largely self-taught, until I discovered weavers guilds. What a fantastic resource - fellowship, support, education.

Then I learned about weaving conferences. A seminar by Marjorie O'Shaughnessy at the Midwest Conference in 1986 was a transformational moment for me as a weaver. A familiar weave structure could be turned into something completely different by weaving it as though it were a another structure or by using special treadling methods! Thus began my experimentation with versatile crackle weave, which culminated in my specialized study for the Handweavers Guild of America's Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving in 1990.

Organizing a study group on treadling variations for my guild led to putting together a workshop on crackle, which led to teaching on a number of weaving topics. After many more years of studying, teaching and writing about crackle, I published my book Weave Classic Crackle & More in 2011. Weaving is my passion, and I love sharing it with other weavers in workshops and seminars. My looms are generally occupied with exploration of new (to me) structures and creation of functional household textiles and clothing accessories.